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Lent Is…

Lent is a time of preparing,

A time for forgiveness and a time for sharing;

A time to give to others and show some caring,

Lent is a direction with just the right bearing.

A forty day period of penitence and fasting,

That should remain in our hearts for a time everlasting.

Although it’s observed from Ash Wednesday to Easter by many churches,

It should affect everyone’s life, for we’re all searchers;

Looking for a purpose in life, a new direction;

And Lent is a way filled with affection,

For it paved the way for Christ’s resurrection.

Lent is a time for feeling sorrow for our misdeeds.

It provides us with a way of fulfilling our needs;

The need to abstain from what is wrong,

And follow in the footsteps of Christ all along.

Author: Father Joe Kutch (1981)