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Knights of Columbus

On Sunday, August 14th, at the 9:30 am Mass, the Knights of Columbus will offer the Mass intention for the Canonization of Blessed Father Michael McGivney.  A Rosary and Litany of Blessed Father Michael McGivney will begin at 8:45 am led by the Knights of Columbus.

Michael McGivney was born August 12, 1852.  He was Ordained December 22, 1877.  He founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882.  He died August 14, 1890 at the age of 38 after serving in the Priesthood for 13 years.  He was declared Venerable on March 15, 2008.  A miracle was approved for his Beatification on May 27, 2020.  Venerable Father Michael McGivney was beatified on October 31, 2020.  His Feast Day is established as August 13th. 

Biography of Blessed Father Michael McGivney

Michael McGivney was born in Waterbury, Ct. on August 12, 1852.  He was the first of 13 children born to the parents of Irish immigrants.  He left school at the age of 13 to work in a spoon making factory in order to help the family survive.  With the priesthood in mind, he left the factory at the age of 16 and moved to Montreal to attend seminary classes at the Jesuit run St. Mary’s College.  He left the seminary when his father died in 1873 and returned to Waterbury for a time in order to help the family.  At the request of the local bishop he entered St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore Md.  After four years of study he was ordained on December 22, 1877.  in 1881, Father McGivney envisioned a fraternal benefit society as a way to strengthen religious faith and provide families with financial support after the death of the breadwinner.  The first Knights of Columbus was formed in 1882 on the principles of Unity and Charity.  Father McGivney was stricken with pneumonia in January of 1890 and died on August 14, 1890 at the age of 38.