Parents are the first people to introduce their children to Catholicism and remain their primary catechist throughout their lives. The goal of our Religious Education program is to do all that we can to help parents in that sacred duty.

Here are a few things for us as Catholic parents to keep in mind…

  • Nothing can separate us from the love of God. You and your family are precious to Him.
  • You are the first and most important teacher of your child!
  • Nothing can replace you and your witness of faith in the lives of your children.
  • The time you invest in helping to develop your child’s faith will make an eternal difference in his or her life and yours!
  • By virtue of the commitment you made at your child’s Baptism you are officially a member of the faith formation team here at our parish! When you presented your child(ren) for Baptism, you made a promise to God and the whole church that you would educate your children in the faith. The Church was founded by Jesus Christ and is committed to helping you in this task. You are not alone! 

The hope behind all of these efforts is to encourage the children and their parents to open their hearts ever wider to the Holy Spirit, who ultimately is the one who brings to each heart the gifts of Faith, Hope, and Love. 

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